Stay-at-home moms take over the blogosphere

Are you a stay-at-home mom? Are you sick and tired of temporary solutions to the not-so-bright bank statement? Well, you aren’t the first parent to strive for a budget raise. Of course, as a self-aware woman, you tried to save money, since someone once said that limiting your own expenses is a way of making money… What?! No way.

Stay-at-home moms take over the blogosphere
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How to make money online?

Auto-suggestion method is good, but convincing yourself that you don’t have to buy your favorite ecological pure products, or best fresh milk in the town isn’t an optimum resolution to your current dissatisfaction. Seek for situations where you can improve, not deny your needs.

So, let’s do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Mother at duty means that you don’t have so much time left for additional work. You run like a crazy raccoon in a can all day, so opting for a fitness trainer position may seem advantageous for your fit body, but when trying to put it into practice you’ll be dead. Literally. Besides, why are you paying a monthly Internet connection fee? Only to keep in touch with your school friends on FB and watch a bad taste comedy? How about forcing that money to pay you off? Earning on the Internet suits a busy mother best of all: it goes without saying that you may watch your child in between. Now, do you remember your pre-mom self? Who you really were? Do you want to support your family and develop an amazing set of skills in meanwhile?

The point is: working online is just a huge umbrella-term that stands for so many jobs that we cannot afford time and space enumerating all. However, the most creative approaches must be mentioned! Today, you may change the game by establishing a passion-based business. Blogging appears the most flexible still efficient instrument to get both money and spiritual accomplishment. You do what you like, you learn new things and besides, the income is topping up the “1000 reasons why to immediately start blogging” list. The blog profitability isn’t to be questioned and it depends totally on you. Since you are almighty, what can go wrong? The only mistake that can be stated is the postponing of your debut. Don’t leave this “promiscuous” project for tomorrow or for next Monday. Everybody knows that tomorrow never comes. Maybe you can wait for a miracle, but your growing shopping list cannot. You need fame, you want recognition and fulfilment and trust me, you deserve the freedom money provides!

Go to WordPress. Register. Choose a theme. Find a hosting company. Get a domain. Done. It’s not a race. Nevertheless, it’s a pity to miss the chance of joining the global bloggers’ sisterhood: WordPress is the expert in the field and will charge zero coins for its kind assistance. Yes, it will help you during each stage of becoming an accomplished writer. Just invite it in your life and let the omniscient guru in you to talk through the freshly created blog.

Stay-at-home moms take over the blogosphere
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What to write about? Besides everything?

Explore the things that makes you wake up in the morning and keep going even when you want to give up. Simple is genius: did you know that passion is contagious? Drive and enthusiasm attract and charm people. Write about what makes you happy. Don’t pretend to be a dreamer only! Spice your posts with some practical sense too: share household secrets if you have some; a funny event or breaking news. The modern blogosphere is hungry for authentic content that’s meaningful. A constant positivism or complaints or articles about nothing shouldn’t be in the arsenal of your best shots. Think of your blog as about a channel: you project there the insights you’d want to read yourself. The best writers learn marketing strategies, true story. However, don’t detach from your audience and watch it as an opponent, become one and the same with it by sharing pieces of writing that bring the best in you as a mother, a professional, a change-maker, a coach etc.

Stay-at-home moms take over the blogosphere
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In addition, you may be whoever you want to. Obviously, it’s sort of hard to blog on a fake identity like “I’m the New Age Cat-Woman – Worship Me”, but with a bit of humor you may acquire some supporters. Why not? This world is both sane and insane, so if you target the Mad Hatters to reconstruct Alice’s Wonderland and have fun all together – there is no one except you, who may stop your uprising. If you are a more reason-believer, book your niche in a serious, starkly logical domain: “How to Manage Three Kids, Cook a Cheesecake, Negotiate a 3-Million Dollar Contract and Keep Operating on an Open Heart Tips” – does it appeal to your common sense? Because if not, you only need to invent your own best topic entries.

Do not fight to do

Sooner or later you get noticed by the brands you could mention in one or another posted item. Panic. Am I that notorious? Yes, you are. Congrats. Now you may develop a sponsor relationship and earn extra points: if you agree to publish only those products you’re using yourself, then there are no dilemmas. You may sell both your services or just preset someone else’s. If you introduce them – that’s called advertisement, if you trade them, then you are a business partner and that’s awesome: the bigger are the sales, the more commissions you may negotiate.